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All these great amenities

  • Swimming Pool
    If you are looking to add a little variety to your workouts, you can take a dip in our 25-meter lap pool. Incorporating swimming into your workout routine can make your workouts much more efficient!
  • Cardio Theater
    Our Cardio Theater room provides you with an entertaining environment to perform your cardio. Watching a movie while you run on a treadmill will help the time fly by!
  • Group Fitness Classes
    Our group fitness classes provide you with a fun and structured environment, which will help you maximize your time in our gym. All of our fitness class instructors are highly qualified, and they all want to help you get fit!
  • Cardio Center
    Try out our state-of-the-art cardio equipment. Our cardio equipment comes with personal TV’s that will make time fly by as you burn off calories!
  • Jacuzzi
    Do you want to just lounge around and relax after a long workout? Take a seat in our heated Jacuzzi and let your aches and pains wash away!
  • Sauna & Steam Room
    Do you feel like you need to try to sweat the toxins out of your body? Sit down in our steam and/or sauna room for a bit. Afterwards, you’ll step out of the room feeling a new person!
  • Weight Training
    Our wide array of free weights will be at your disposal. Whenever you want to improve your body strength, you can pick up some weights and get started!
  • Child Care
    Do you feel the urge to work out, but have to take care of your child at home? Don’t fret—we have a childcare service at our gym that will ensure that your child is safe while you work on staying fit!
  • Machines
    Don’t feel like using free weights? We have a number of machines that will allow you to safely improve your fitness. Machines are also perfect for the very efficient circuit training method!
  • Yoga
    Do you need to relieve some stress? Yoga is the perfect way to achieve stress relief! Come join our qualified yoga teachers as they lead you in becoming more flexible and less stressed!

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